Throughout the late nineties my wife and I would spend many evenings pondering the potential future business we would like to establish.  We knew we wanted to create something that would be special to our customers, something that would be cherished.  One evening my wife was discussing her father who, when she was ten, had given her a necklace.  She expressed, “I cherish this necklace because it was from my Dad and whenever I wear it, I feel special.  It was ‘my first diamond.'”  At that moment, my heart jumped and I said, “This is it, our future business… ‘My First Diamond!'”


Having been in the diamond business in my earlier years, I knew the business had an excellent potential for me.  I began my working career as a diamond cutter.  I was trained to cut, shape, and identify size and clarity.    My brother has been an importer and wholesaler of diamonds to well established shops in Arizona for over 2 decades.


The goal of “My First Diamond” is to create a collection of unique, unusual and appealing charms that will be timeless in their fashion.  The charms have been designed especially to appeal to children and young adults, yet can be fashionable throughout the years.


“My First Diamond” is a unique gift that will jump into the heart of every young girl.  Wouldn’t we all like to provide someone special with there first diamond?!